About Us

At TaiFintech, we are a result of an industry and academia partnership between BCK Kenya Limited and Strathmore University. Our collaboration as an Industry Academia Partnership enables us to bring together strengths in academia, research innovation, and commercial enterprise.

We leverage the expertise and resources from BCK Kenya Limited, a leading technology firm in East Africa , and Strathmore University, a renowned educational institution in Africa.

Our partnership allows us to combine industry knowledge with academic excellence, creating a unique synergy in delivering cutting edge solutions.

TaiFintech is the culmination of this collaboration, representing our dedication to bridging the gap between industry and academia.

Our Objectives

At TaiFintech, our objectives revolve around delivering exceptional value to our clients and establishing sustainable collaborations within the ecosystem. Our key objectives include:

Develop innovative marketing, client acquisition, and commercial initiatives:

We strive to bring forth creative strategies to reach and engage potential clients. Our focus is on understanding client requirements and tailoring our value proposition accordingly.

Progressively create alignment with ecosystem partners:

We aim to foster long term and sustainable collaborations with our ecosystem partners. By aligning our goals and working together, we can collectively drive innovation and create greater value for our clients.

Efficiently deliver on acquired projects:

We are committed to effectively managing projects, ensuring they are delivered within cost, quality, and timely constraints. Our goal is to exceed client expectations and achieve successful project outcomes.

Flagship Project

Our flagship project, the Integrated Revenue Management System (IRMS), is a robust and scalable solution designed to manage local government taxes and revenue collection. It can be deployed across different countries in Africa, empowering local government authorities to optimize revenue generation and streamline financial processes.

IRMS offers a comprehensive suite of features, including tax management, billing and invoicing, payment gateway integration, and real time reporting and analytics. Furthermore, it provides a centralized platform for efficient revenue collection and enhances transparency in financial transactions. With its flexibility and adaptability, IRMS can be customized to meet the specific tax regulations and requirements of different Africa n countries.

By implementing IRMS, local government authorities can:

  • Streamline tax collection processes and reduce revenue leakage.
  • Improve compliance and minimize tax evasion through automated tracking and monitoring.
  • Enhance service delivery and citizen experience by providing convenient and secure payment options.
  • Gain actionable insights through real time reporting and analytics to drive informed decision making.

Our Insights

TaiFintech is a leading provider of innovative solutions to the public sector, financial services industry (FSI), and donor and NGO sectors. With our deep understanding of these industries, we deliver tailored solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and revenue optimization.

We specialize in serving the unique needs of the public sector, FSI, and donor and NGO sectors.Our solutions are designed to address the specific challenges faced by organizations in these industries. We have a proven track reco rd of implementing digital solutions that enhance service delivery, streamline processes, and optimize revenue collection.

Our industry expertise includes:

  1. 1. Public Sector Solutions:
    • We offer comprehensive solutions to government entities and public sector organizations. Our focus is on digitizing processes, improving service delivery, and enhancing revenue collection capabilities. We understand the complexities of the public sector landscape and provide tailored solutions to meet its requirements.

  2. 2. Financial Services Industry Solutions:
    • We cater to the unique needs of the financial services industry, including banks,insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Our solutions enable financial organizations to optimize operations, enhance security, and leverage data analytics for informed decision making.

  3. 3. Donor and NGO Sector Solutions:
    • We provide technology solutions and services to donor organizations and non-governmental organizations(NGOs). Our expertise helps these organizations improve project management, enhance transparency, and optimize the utilization of resources.

By focusing on the public sector, FSI, and donor and NGO sectors, TaiFintech offers industry specific expertise and solutions that drive positive transformation and help organizations achieve their goals effectively.